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Arashi & Sexy Zone「Waku Waku Gakkou」 Goods

★DEADLINE: JULY 7 11:00pm (JST) — payment completed by this date and time

Note: Shipping and paypal fees are excluded in the following prices, and will be shouldered by the buyer. We will inform you of the shipping price when you order.
Clearfile (8 types) - 10 USD each
Tote bag - 28 USD
Mini towel - 20 USD
Penlight - 15 USD
Schedule Sticker - 10 USD
Reflector - 12 USD
Shoes Case - 28 USD
Folding Umbrella - 30 USD
-Arashi group
-Sexy Zone Group
-Arashi + Sexy Zone Group

1. Preorder price confirmation (we will confirm the total amount of your order)
2. 100% goods payment through Paypal (plus Paypal fees)
3. Finalize preorder
4. Buy goods at Sapporo Dome
5. Inform you of the shipping fee
6. 100% shipping fee payment through Paypal (plus Paypal fees)
7. Shipping of goods (using EMS)
※There's a possibility that goods will be sold out.



1. Goods will be shipped within November 2016 from Japan (EMS).
2. Shipping and wrapping fee will be shouldered by the buyer.
3. Shipping fee for the poster will be more expensive because we will buy a tube so as not to damage the poster.
4. We will not be responsible for damage/lost of items during shipping. (We'll do our best to pack it so that it won't get damaged.)


Please PM for payment details, etc! Thanks!

You can also send me an e-mail.
E-mail address: lhukhe_ry09[at]yahoo[dot]com